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    It is important to us that everything we offer brings something back so we focus on products that are recycled, handmade, fair trade, organic and eco-friendly. Read More »

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    We now offer free shipping on all orders over $50! Buy sustainable gifts and we will ship to your door free.

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    We’re Reducing Our Impact

    We use recycled products wherever possible, so don't be surprised when your shipment arrives in a box that's been given a second life.  We're just trying to be as green as we can be. Learn More »

Shop Beautifully

Every handmade or fair trade purchase gives an artisan the chance to make a living doing what they’re passionate about. Every recycled, organic and eco-friendly product lessens our impact on this beautiful earth. We can shop and enjoy all the latest products that are fair trade, trends and styles while consciously making a difference at the same time. Now isn’t that a great idea? We think so.

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We want you to love your purchase but if for some reason you don't, we will return it for free - no questions asked.

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Organic & eco-friendly

We are a fair trade store, selling products created with minimal impact to the earth that only use clean, safe, and pure ingredients – such as our organic candles.

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Fair Trade Practices

We ensure the fair trade product you buy has been handcrafted by artisans given a fair wage and safe, sustainable working environment.

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High Quality Craftsmen

You don’t sacrifice quality, workmanship or style by buying organic products through sustainable practice. Our fair trade products are handmade and beautifully crafted.

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